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At Besutra we love to integrate Apps - Music - Arts - Films the libre-way.

By now this is the personal blog from Pierre Germain.

Site migrated from PicoCMS to PhileCMS

Date: 23rd Jul 2014


I loved PicoCMS but had some problems in finding out how to make the Dev section and the News section being independent Blogs so now this site is running under PhileCMS where the "Templates" Function is more sofisticated (PhileCMS is a fork from PicoCMS)

New Development Section

Date: 23rd Jul 2014


I have just created a new Development section called "Dev" where I will post problems I encounter when developing.


Acabo de inaugurar una nueva sección llamada "Dev" donde expondré artículos relacionados con problemas que me van surgiendo cuando estoy desarollando Software o ralizando mis pinitos Geeks.

Website migrated to PicoCms

Date: 21st Jul 2014


I have just migrated the site from rapidweaver (App for OSX to make static websites) to PicoCms. Love it! Just what I needed.


Acabo de migrar la página desde rapidweaver (Una App de OSX para hacer páginas web dinámicas) la web a Picocms. Muy simple. Justo lo que necesitaba.

Website under Maintenance

Date: 30th Nov 2013


UPDATE AS OF 30th NOVEMBER OF 2013 SITE UNDER MAINTENANCE ... SOME LINKS MAY BE BROKEN. We are searching for some monkeys to transfer the site to Drupal.


ULTIMA NOTICIA A 30 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2013: SITIO WEB EN CONSTRUCCION ... ALGUNOS LINKS ESTAN MAL CONFIGURADOS. Hemos contactado con unos monos guapos para que trasladen la web a Drupal.

Let there be freedom

Date: 1st Aug 2013


I am migrating all the development of the site to free software. So for some time no new updates will happen in the front but at the background. The first step will be to open source Picasutra so that everybody on the world can modify the source code and participate in the development. Also the site will be created with free software, so changes will happen.


Estoy migrando todos los sistemas a software libre porque me he cansado de las restricciones de control de Apple. No puedo mas, cada año tengo que adaptar mi forma de trabajo a los cambios repentinos de la manzanita. En los próximos meses simplemente dedicaré el tiempo a migrar todo a software libre para ser una persona un poco mas libre.

New Film Section

Date: 30th Jan 2013

This week we move forward integrating a new section called Film dedicated to short films shot on rollerblades and skates. A disfrutar!

New DJ Section

Date: 11th Feb 2012

This week I have opened a new Section on this website called "DJ". This is because I love music and mixing it. I do that since I was 18, but stopped it since I am 25. In these years I have had the chance to listen to new styles of music, and my desire is to mix all of the music types that I like in 45 minute sets. Now this will happen in the next weeks when I am done with sorting out the good music.

Picasutra v. 1.5 with new RollerskateGraphics

Date: 5th Oct 2011

Today I have uploaded to the App Store the new version of Picasutra. It has brand new graphics. Feel free to have a look at the new pictures in the Picasutra section. Now I would like to thank Carolina who did a very good job with her graphics in the first version of Picasutra, without her help Picasutra 1.0 would never have existed.

Picasutra new Version

International Picasutra Version

Date: 17th Apr 2010

When the iPad will be launched internationally we will also launch our localized Picasutra Version for the iPhone + iPad. Until then our app will be available with a real price off!

Update: 15/08/2010

We are working hard to put out the new International Picasutra version that will include:

  Touch Events.
  French translation (Thank’s to Mark S.)
  Spanish translation (Thank’s to Ely and his friends Pikos and Lokotron).

Picasutra on the iPad

Date: 4th Apr 2010

Today I went to San Antonio (from Madrid through Monterrey) to buy the iPad and try our Kamasutra. Because one picture is more valuable than 1000 words, take a look at the following pictures of the event:

Our iPad Reservation:

iPad Reservationr

The Apple Store in San Antonio still closed:

Apple Store San Antonio

Waiting the doors to be opened


... And waiting


... And waiting


After some hours waiting here we have it: the official release of our Picasutra on a real iPad! Thank you Angelica for supporting it (she worked at the Apple Store and bought it)!

And here the iPad

Testing the iPad:

Testing the iPad

Thank you

Date: 2nd Apr 2010

I would like to thank to the following people and institutions that contributed that our project is now reality:

  • First of all I would like to thank my parents for their support, I appreciate a lot to not going nuts when I told them I would program a Kamasutra.
  • Pikatxu for doing so nice Graphics! Without her help this would be a old fashioned way Kamasutra!
  • Evil Ely and her friends Mr. Pikos and Lokotron for writing the original text's. Without them the originality of this work would not be possible in this short time.
  • I would like to thank my friends Mayte and Dani for their early support last year for not giving up in learning to write iPhone Code .
  • Mr. Rudig for tips related to doing projects.
  • Kim K. for his marketing tips.

And the following websites gave us a lot of information that was really helpful:


Picasutra is different

Date: 1st Apr 2010

The reason why we programmed Picasutra is because we have seen in the market a lot of Kamasutra Apps but all fail in one thing: They do not encourage your imagination. All the Kamasutra's that we found do the same thing: They show you a explicit image with a objective text description.

We want to inspire your imagination, we want that you feel free when having fun with you partner. We don't want to give you a manual with all the positions, we only want to give you a brief introduction. We think that you are responsible to use your imagination, and that's why our images and our text descriptions lets all open-minded.

In the near future, if our first version of the Kamasutra is successful then we have some nice surprises for you, free downloadable for our first customers.

RIP Steve Jobs

Date: 6th Oct 2011

Rest in Peace Steve, you gave us a lot. We will always remember you and thank you for making the technology more fun!

RIP Steve Jobs

Picasutra 1.5.1 Now with sexy font

Date: 18th Oct 2010

Today I have uploaded to the App Store a new version with a font that is sexier ;) Hope everybody is comfortable with this little improvement.

Update 12/10/2011: Picasutra 1.5.2 with new background

Today I have replaced the background of Picasutra with a really nice papyri.

Uploaded Picasutra for Review

Date: 29th Mar 2010

Yesterday we have uploaded to the Apple Appstore the Picasutra App for reviewing. We hope our application will be accepted.

Update: 31/03/2010

Today we have uploaded the final release of our iPad Kamasutra App. We hope to be considered for the grand iPad opening next saturday so that Picasutra will be available just from the first day on!

Pica First Day

Date: 10th Feb 2010

Today my partner and I decided to create Pica Creations. It was on this day, Monday the first February of 2010 that I told her that I have a lot of projects in mind in an original-artistic-minded way. She told me that she also had a lot of ideas that she would like to make reality. So we decided to join our forces to begin creating new original projects together.

Later that day I asked her If she would be interested in programming a Kamasutra for the iPhone (later when I read that the iPad was coming we decided to concentrate all our energy to port it to that device). She immediately answered positively because she always liked the Indian Culture. I also told her that the reason of creating a Kamasutra for the iPhone is because some years ago, when I had my Palm 501, the application that I most liked (and that other people always downloaded in these first PDA-Days) was the Palmsutra. I always said in these days that when I had free time and when I would have finished my studies I would like to port the Palmsutra for other devices.

So the following day we started to search new information about the Kamasutra and thought about how we could be different to all the others, because right now a lot of Kamasutras where out there in the iTunes Store. We decided that we would create a minimalistic open minded Kamasutra without using the forbidden words !

In the same afternoon we decided the name Pica Creations. That is because if you put together the first characters of our names it gives you PICA.